Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almond Cookies

I love this Almond Cookies very much....

I remembered I used to buy many tins of almond cookies as I love these Almond Cookies very much. Even my hubby loves these cookies as well.:-D


These almond cookies are bite-sized.... It did not smell that fantastic when I was preparing the dough.
But when they were out of the oven, you can smell the almond aroma... ahhhhh, that's what I wanted... I really can't wait for the cookies to cool down.... And I just had to try one first....

Really goooooooody!!!! It is really fantastic!!!

I love these cookies sooooooo much!

All packed in the containers now....

Really to be sampled by my colleagues & friends:))

I will update this post with the recipe soon:)

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