Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nic's Tea Party in School - Chocolate Names Cupcakes & Strawberry Fantasy Cake

Today is Nic's Tea Party in school for the Kindergarten 2 children. It is a pot-luck tea party. So all the parents will be preparing different food for the children. I decided to make some cupcakes and a cake for the teachers and children.

Chocolate Names Cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes was prepared on Monday evening, and I just pipe the names on the cupcakes yesterday night. I think they all looked so pretty. I heard from my girlfriend that the children were very excited about these cupcakes as they had their names on it. Even Nat, I had made one for her, and she quickly finished her cupcake while I was preparing the cake. She too, was very excited about the name cupcakes... hahaha... These chocolate cupcakes are my girls' favourite, and mine as well!!! Even my girlfriend and her children loves it as well!!!
For the names, instead of using buttercream, I used whipped cream and mixed with strawberry paste for the girls' names and pandan paste for the boys' names.

These cupcakes simply looked so pretty... :-D


55g unsalted butter

55g castor sugar

1 egg

55g self raising flour

2 tbsps cocoa powder

1 tbsp milk


Cream the butter & sugar until smooth & creamy. Add in the egg, mix well.

Add in the sieved flour & cocoa powder, fold in & mix well, followed by the milk.

Besides the cupcakes, I had also make a strawberry cake for the teachers and the children to share.

Strawberry Fantasy Cake

I had to make the cake after I got back from office... Well, it is always the Murphy's Law... Some hiccups here and there while I was baking the cake last night. I think I had over beat the egg yolks batter, plus using the black round cake mould, my cake sunk and it was burnt on the bottom...:-p

So end up, I re-do another strwberry sponge cake, using the normal square tin mould. It turns out alright, but still, I wasn't satisfied with the sponge cake... Murphy's Law indeed!

This is simply an ALL STRAWBERRY CAKE...

1. Strawberry Sponge Cake

2. Strawberry Whipped Cream

3. Sandwiched with 2 layers of Fresh Strawberries

4. Topped with Fresh Strawberries



The cake smells so yummy, wish I could try the cake too... :-D

I hope my effort for the time spent on this Strawberry Fantasy Cake had gone in vain, and hope that they had all finished the cake.

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