Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nichelle's Kindergarten Graduation 09 Nov 2011

Finally!!! Yesterday was Nic's kindergarten graduation ceremony...

A day that we had been waiting for....???

A class picture of Nic's Teachers & Classmates
It was 6 years ago since she was a little baby. Now that she has grown up, well not to grown up.... Time had really passed on so fast.... Nic is really a very good & obedient baby, whom she understands what you tell her. She is very quick witted as well. A child that mummy needs not worry about her school work. :-p Hopefully it will continues when she goes to Primary One...

Over here, Nic is all "make-up" for her dance performance. I guess she is pretty much excited and having so much fun.
And of course, some of her classmates here:)

And the dance performance that they had been practising for the past few months:))

I guess all the children had alot of fun tonight

Of course, Nic with Mummy & Daddy, and Mimi:-D

Nic, my 1st lovely princess will move on to her next journey in life soon.

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