Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baking Session with the Small & Big Kids

My friend's daughter, Celeste, will like to make a cake for her younger brother's birthday which falls on early December. So my friend had asked if they could come along to learn to make a cake. So there we are, the kids having fun learning how to bake a cake... Looks like they are more keen in eating the icing deco than baking the cake.... hahaha!!!!
There, little Celeste, with the help of everyone, decorated her cake. Mummy Cherie also tried to decorate hers as well.

Nic had requested me to make one cake for her as well, as she will like to decorate a cake by herself as well.... So Mummy Michelle came by in time to do the decorations with Nic as well... LOL... Both of them are so excited, while Mimi is busy eating away with the icing decos. Ta-da, the cake is now ready for food testing....:))

Yummy & Delicious!!!!

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