Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Family Trip to Universal Studio Singapore

What have we been up to recently....???

I haven't been blogging for about 2 weeks+. I have been busy furniture shopping for my girl's room, clearng up the unneccessary items... Hmmm, perhaps a pre-cny spring cleaning in advance??? :-D

Last Thursday, we brought the kids to the Universal Studio. We haven't been there since its opening in Singapore. I have been to other Universal Studios in Brisbane & Los Angelas. Sinagpore one was rather disappointing though:-(

Well, but I guess for the kids, it is another theme park.:-p

The Waterworld Show.... MiMi was scared because of the loud noises & explosions... Hahaha..

I did not really enjoyed it as it was sorching hot... End up I went to a bakery restuarant and had a nice waffle with ice-cream and apple juice.... :-D

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