Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake - Having fun with the Decorations:))

Ain't this Hello Kitty Cake CUTE???? 1 day, I just suddenly have a thought that I should make a Hello Kitty Cake. Because I remembered that I had bought a Hello Kitty tin mould some time back, and I did not use it at all... So here we have, the Hello Kitty Cake!!!!

This is actually the 2nd Hello Kitty Cake I made. It is much nicer & "prettier" than the 1st one... hahahaha....

In the picture below, you can see my HK tin mould, the HK sponge cake, and my 1st HK cake.

We realized that without the outline for the eyes, nose, whiskers & ribbon, it will looked even cuter & neater. :-p

Both girls can't wait to try the cake, no doubt it is jus plain strawberry sponge cake & cream... So they took a picture with the HK cake before the cutting ceremony....

Then, the HK cake was left half, eaten & tested by the 3 testers... hahahaha!!!
The HK cake was gone by next morning...

And here, 2 cakes below, decorated by Nic,

And this one, by Nat.
Guess, we all had fun with the cakes & cream!!! Yipee!!!

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