Friday, November 25, 2011

What have I been up to this Weekend???

Ta-da... This is what I had been up to last weekend... For a change, I decided to make Ngoh Hiang on Saturday. You might probably find this dish a weird one in my blog as I hardly cook.... hahahaha!!!


I had been wanting to make Ngoh Hiang for a very long time. I remembered the last time I wanted to make, I bought the "skin", but the "skin" ended up wrinkled up in the fridge as I had left it there for a sper long time... Until last Friday, I was chatiing with my friend and she told me she made "mei cai kou rou". So then we talked about the ngoh hiang, that when I decided to try it out... hehehehe!!!
I bought 1/2 kg of lean minced meat and 1kg of prawns from the wet market. I haven't had enuogh money so I only bought 1/2kg of meat:-p. As you can see from the cut ngoh hiang, you can see more prawns in it...

With the 1/2kg of meat and about 3/4kg of the prawns, mixed with minced chestnuts, spring onions, I made about 8 big rolls & 2 mini rolls.

The Ngoh Hiang are ready... I fried the mini ones, and I had to try one, so one of the mini was eatedn by me... Hubby came out of the room, and said the smell of ngoh hiang made him drooled... So he ate 1 big roll and the other mini roll...:-D

It was really delicious..... But it will be better to use the normal minced meat instead of the lean minced meat as the lean meat is slightly drier... With a little fats, it will make the ngoh hiang even more juicy:))

Oh, of course, our dessert.... Mango Pudding....

Eeeermm, I did not made this though... It was a premix mango pudding I bought from Phoon Huat... hehehehe....

Yummy too, additional fresh mangoes added..!!!

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