Thursday, November 24, 2011

Doremon Cookies

How about eating Doremon????

This is not a cake nor a soft toy... It is a Doremon Cookie!!!

Cute isn't it???


My friend had invited my family & I for a lunch on Saturday. She said she will be bringing her god-daughter along. I know that her god-daughter loves Doremon very much. So I decided to make these cookies for her. These cookies simply takes up too much time & effort. By the time I finished half a tray of the cookies, my back was almost broken!!!

But the effort was well paid off.

My friend's god-daughter likes them. My girlfriend , her hubby & her kids like it too.

My kids???

They LOVE them too.... They finished almost the balance ones. I quickly packed some up for my colleagues before they were all gone... hehehehe....

I will update this post with the recipe soon:-D

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