Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apple Bread Pudding苹果面包布丁

Hahahaha... sometimes when I think back, I might be outdated... Reason being.. I am always late.. Regardless being the Aspiring Bakers Theme I hosted for October, I didn't even posted any entry for myself, being late for Bake Along, THB, and many others.... hahaha, till sometimes I also can't remembered which recipe I had used...

Today I had an Apple Bread Pudding, topped with raisins & chocolate chips....
I have gotten this recipe from one of the cookbook I had bought from Taipei... Regretted not doing my "homework" in SG to see what books I could have gotten from there... I shall do my "homework" and buy more books when I am in Taipei next March... Hehehehe...
This apple bread pudding was surprisingly easy to prepare and bake.
I hadn't baked bread pudding before, so I wasn't too sure of how I should go about it. Plus the cookbook are in chinese, so taking my time to read and making sure I had followed and gotten the steps and ingredients correct:-p
Well, pudding turned out well and delicious. I was glad that I had added some chocolate chips in the pudding, and I should hve added more as it would really turned out very tempting with a combination of the apple & chocolate chips... I will omit the raisins next time or lessen them as they are not my favourite...:))
It was delicious indeed, and I couldn't help myself finishing one pudding after my photo-takings...
Here, have one too and enjoy....:)
2 pcs of diced bread
1 apple, cored, peeled & diced
5g butter
1 tbsp sugar
30g raisins soaked in 1 tbsp of Rum

2 eggs
200ml milk (i use lo-fat milk)
40ml whipping cream
20g sugar

1. Cook the diced apple with the butter under low heat. Add in the sugar and cook for awhile.
2. Put the apples, bread, raisins into the ramekins. Set aside.
3. Prepare the egg mixture. Beat the eggs, milk & whipping cream until well combined. Add in the sugar and mix until the sugar had dissolved.
4. Pour the egg mixture into the ramekins and baked at 190C for about 35-40mins.

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