Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Orange Cheesecake (Non-Baked)

I have never fancied adding orange essence into my cakes somehow as I do not like the taste of it. It seems to make me feel like as if I was taking those very bitter medicine when I was young... Hahaha... But to others, this orange essence was rather pleasant to them and in fact they do quite like it. How about you?
Reason of baking this cheesecake was because I have a pack of whipping cream which is due to expire soon. So I found this cheesecake using whipping cream... Hmmm but all ended up quite a mess as the whipping cream that I bought, did not whipped up as my top whipping cream...
In fact, being a non-baked cheesecake, this cheesecake is very easy to prepare and it should be ready by 15-30mins time.
I probably had exceeded the amount of whipped cream and I put in 250g of cheese instead of 200g. Thus the texture of the cheesecake was abit soft, more of like a mousse texture. Overall, it was quite yummy. My hubby had taken 2 slices of it, and my friend say it was delicious too. And she said she like the "orangey" taste of it:)
Ingredients as adapted from Kevin Chai.

140g crushed chocolate marie biscuits
70g melted Butter

Combine all ingredients. Press into a 7" square tin.

Cheese Filling:
200g cream cheese
70g sugar
2 tsp gelatine
2 tbsp water
200g fresh whipped cream
3 tbsp orange compound

Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
Melt gelatine with water over simmering water. Add into cheese mixture until blended.
Fold in whipped cream, add in orange compound, mix well.
Spread cheese filling into prepared tin.

80g crushed marie biscuits
40g melted butter

Combine all ingredients and sprinkle over the top.
Wrap well and refrigerate until set.

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