Thursday, November 15, 2012

Steamed Huat Kueh 蒸发糕

Not alot of people these days like to eat Huat Kueh. I know it will probably be the older folks whom will like this kueh. For me, I do quite like it. What about you? Well, in fact, I found out that some of my colleagues and friends actually do like this Huat Kueh as well. What a surprise...:))
I used to have an excellent recipe for Huat Kueh too, but I seemed to have misplaced it when I moved house couple of years back... So I was waiting to see if I will ever come across a similar recipe which I vividly remembered what are the ingredients that were being used. Browsing in FB in the Baking Wonderland, I finally saw this recipe, and I decided to give it a try...
Yes, this recipe was excellent. It has given the Huat Kueh a very smooth and moist texture. We all liked it very much. Homemade Huat Kueh, or rather should I say, homemades will always be the best:-D
Steamed Huat Kueh 蒸发糕
250g 黑糖 palm sugar
400g 自发面粉 self raising flour
300ml 椰浆奶 coconut milk
100ml 水 water

1。将黑糖和面粉过筛混合 Sift the palm sugar and flour together。
2。把椰浆和水倒入混合。Mix coconut milk and water together。
3。把第2步骤加入第1步骤混合均匀。Pour coconut mixture into the flour mixture,mix until well combined。
4。把面糊倒入纸杯 80%满,切个"X"在面糊上,蒸15-20分钟。Pour batter into cupcake case, cut a "X" on the batter and steam for 15-20 mins。

For better fragrant, I think we can boiled the coconut milk, water & palm sugar over low heat to enhance the taste.
I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #25 – Steaming Hot Cakes (November 2012) hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders. 

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