Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spinach Noodles with Angry Bird and Cheese Chicken Cocktails

Recently there had been an ANGRY BIRD fishcakes craze. I had saw Peng's Kitchen making these angry birds fishcakes for her kids, and I wanted to get them as well, and I had even asked Peng to buy it for me as I have yet to see these fishcakes in the market. These angry birds fishcakes were so cute & adorable. So finally my hubby saw them from Sheng Siong Supermarket 2 weeks ago.
 Hmmm, Nat & Mimi weren't so keen on these fishcakes though. Only Nic likes them... So I guess this big pack of angry bird fishcakes will be lying in my freezer for awhile before they were being eaten... hahahaha....
I had bought some handmade spinach noodles from my trip to Malacca. They had lots of flavour like pumpkin, soya wheat, brown rice... So I decided to try them out. Well, it wasn't that bad, the noodles were rather smooth, and each small little bundle noodles were a just-nice portion for each girl. I think I should buy these noodles when I get back to Malacca next time???
 And here is my MiMi, enjoying her noodles now:))

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