Thursday, July 12, 2012

Banana Chiffon Cake - Revisited

Posting another post-dated bake before I head off to Malacca this afternoon for a short getaway. Anyone knows whereabouts in Malacca can I find any baking shops??

Don't ask me why it's bananas again... I buy bananas every week, so usually we will have one or two bananas left, super overripe...!!! But these bananas are super duper good for making cakes as they are very sweet and they will give you a very sweet smelling banana fragrant.

My previous attempt to try this Banana Chiffon Cake from Small Small Baker, but it didn't turn out so well. I guess it was probably the banana wasn't that ripe, hence, there wasn't any banana smell nor taste in the chiffon.

So this time, my banana is super ripe!!! So I told this chance to re-bake this chiffon...

 That where the sweet banana smell & the taste of bananas, both were presence..:))
Getting the soft & fluffy texture of the chiffon this time round.
 And of course, using the other chiffon tin I had, this had given me a very lovely brown texture...hehehe...

Do click here for the BANANA CHIFFON CAKE recipe & ingredients.

Have fun!!!

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