Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mocha-Cappuccino Marbled Cake

I finally found a way to load up my pictures using my office PC... plus blogging in the office is a huge challenge for me as the blogger did not seem to function "well" in some areas... Not too sure if it was the security settings from office or...??? Kekekeke... Anyway, here I am with my cake & posting...:))
Time really passed very quickly, I had actually "prepared" myself for this cake since last week and I thought I do still have some time left before the "due" date... I baked this cake last night, not remembering that today is the date to submit our post until I saw Lena's, Joyce, Anuja's, Mich's & Emily's postings...
THB - The Home Bakers , a bakers group created by Joyce. And we will be baking all the recipes from a chosen book on every 3 weeks. For this time, they had chosen "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas.
Each member from the group will be selecting one recipe from the book and only the host for the selected recipe will be allowed to post the recipe, while the rest will try to bake it and link on the host's page. Giving tips and advices on the bake, will allow everyone to learn something new.
For those of you whom like to join us in this fun bake, please do contact Joyce from THB.
This time, Lena, from Frozen Wings was the chosen one, and she had selected this Mocha-Cappuccino Marbled Cake. It was indeed a great choice as this cake was absolutely soft and moist. Not too a fussy cake to handle, everything was quickly whipped up and off it went to the oven for about 1 hour.

In fact, this is my 3rd time using my 10" bundt pan as I dislike using it. Due to the "stick" of the cake or burnt outcome, I had never fancy using it. So this time, I took my chance, greased it with butter and lightly floured, it worked like MAGIC... and I was rather pleased with the outcome for the bundt cake:-p
My 1st every nicely baked bundt cake from this bundt pan:))
Getting a nicely browned outer coat for my cake I would say... Don't you think so too??
While the cake was baking in the oven, the aroma of the coffee lingers around the house.... Absolutely not a coffee lover at all, it was a temptation... I kept checking on the cake to see if it was ready to be EATEN!!! The cake was almost done by 45mins, but I let it continued baking for another 15mins to make sure it was fully baked.
Coffee wise, I had used as indicated, reduced the amount of sugar and replacing sour cream with low-fat yoghurt.

Results of the cake was good. Hubby actually came back to the kitchen to ask for another slice... And Nat liked this Mocha-Cappuccino Cake as well. As for me, I thought it was a little bland...??? Maybe my sore throat has caused me lost my taste buds for the time being...:-p
Do try this if you are a coffee lover:)

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