Monday, October 17, 2011

What Roll Am I???

What Roll Am I???

I have no idea.... :-p

The girls had finished the Strawberry roll & Chocolate rice roll just over 2 days. They finished the last bits yesterday by having for breakfast and after dinner desserts...

Probably they have the swiss roll craze for this week.... hahahaha....

Vanilla Swiss Roll with Chocolate Cream Chips

Today the swiss roll is fluffy and softer than the previous 2 rolls. It is due to the egg white meringue. If you had beaten the egg whites to stiff peak, it will gives you a very fluffy & soft roll... But a little fragile to handle with... hehehehe....

I had tried the bits and pieces that I cut out, the texture was good..!!!

Hubby had a piece, he said it was very soft.

The girls, they were already in bed when the roll was ready...;))

Well, let's see what other swiss roll I will make next time... :-D

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