Saturday, October 29, 2011

All time favourite Muah Chee

My friend had sent me a picure of her muah chee she just made...

She said these muah chee are really easy to make, and most importantly, they are soft and yummy!!! She told me to try making them...

Why not...???


This is the first time I make these muah chee, and I wasn't sure how it will turn out...

Well, not too bad isn't it...???

It was indeed very easy to make them and easy to manage with.

I had always thought that making muah chee is a very tedious job.

Guess it's not!!! :-D

Thanks to Mummy Eileen for such a good recipe to keep! ^-^ Ingredients:

110g glutinous rice flour

140ml water

Adequate peanut powder

(this I bought the ready made ones from the supermarket)


Mix the flour and water together to get a smooth batter.

Pour the batter over a non-stick pan coated with oil.

Cook under very low heat for about 3 mins.

Once the batter has set, it should roll together to form a lump. Toss for a while to ensure it is totally cooked.

Remove and put onto peanut coating, cut to bite size.

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