Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kueh Talam Pandan 打南班兰糕点

Kueh Talam has always been a all-time favourite kueh for me.

I love the soft texture of the kueh, and the smell of coconut.....

Kueh Talam Pandan 打南班兰糕点

Ok, the recipe has called for 绿豆粉(Green Pea flour). I hadn't seen any Green Pea Flour as yet, and I happened to see my girlfriend make a cookie using green pea powder. So I asked her if she bought the green pea powder, she said she grind it herself.

I have ran out of the 绿豆粉(Green Bean Flour), so I decided to try using the green pea powder instead...:-p

A disastrous maybe....???


Alright, just ignore me... Here is the recipe:


Green Layer

60g rice flour

20g tapioca flour

20g green pea flour (绿豆粉) (I used the grind Green Pea Powder :-p)

175g sugar

125ml pandan juice

250ml water

1/2 tsp alkaline water

(I added about 1 tsp of pandan paste to enhance the taste. But perhaps you can add a few drops of green coloring to the mixture to make it more greener.)


Combine rice flour, tapioca flour & green pea flour, mix it with sugar.

Add pandan juice, water, alkaline water, mix it well till smooth. Cook it under a double-boiler till almost thickens, then pour into a 6"x6" square tin and steam for 20 mins.

Coconut Cream Layer

30g rice flour

30g green pea flour(绿豆粉)

250ml coconut milk

1/4 tsp salt

(I do not have the green bean flour, so I used 50g of rice flour instead)


Combine the rice flour, green pea flour & salt into a double boil pot.

Gradually add in coconut milk & stir well till smooth. Cook it under a douible boil until thickens, then transfer to the tin and pour over the green layer. Steam for another 20 mins.

Allow to cool completely before cutting into pieces.

Have fun:))

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