Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chocolate Sandwich Cake

It is Thursday again... I haven't even had the slightest idea when is Nic's graduation date... Terrible me!!! hehehe.... So that's why every Thursday I have to bake something for Nic to bring to her dance practice on every Friday... :-p

Chocolate Sandwich Cake

I told Nic to go browse through the recipe book and see what will she like to bring to school. She was also not sure what she wanted, plus she is quite a fussy eater sometimes... as there are certain things like raisins, cranberries, blueberries, cheese, etc, she don't like at all... She prefers either Vanilla or Chocolate, those basic recipes.

I hadn't had a 9" cake tin, so I used a 8" one, took quite a long to get it bake as the cake was rather "thick".

I guess it wasn't that bad, as nic had finished a slice of it... Mimi ate some...

I managed to get about 12 slices for the kids in the dance practice. :-D

The cake is coated with chocolate in the centre, and I hope the kids will enjoy it.

I do not have the recipe with me now, so I will try to post it up later...

Any case if you wish to have the recipe, please drop me a comment. :)

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