Sunday, June 3, 2012

HCP : Satay - Indonesian Style

Its is one of those Sunday that I "suddenly" have the "mood" to cook... My friend Eileen had made satay for her family a couple of times, and she had recommended me to try to make some for mine too. Using the Prima Premix for the satay, it was rather easy to prepare & cook them using the HCP.

Hahahaha... sorry folks, it is not a DIY recipe, but it was purely just a lazy method of cooking for me during some of these days... :-p
Every thing, like the marination, the oil and the sauce dip for the satay, comes in the prepacked box...
I had bought the 3 drumsticks and ask the chicken seller to debone the drumsticks for me.
The taste of these satay were not too bad.... But hubby & I felt that if it was peanut sauce, it would had been more tastier:-D

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