Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bake Along #25 - Bake Along 1st Anniversary Layer Cake - Black Sesame Seed Cake with Golden Syrup Cream

Hello everyone!!! I am going to add in another layer cake for the Bake-Along #25 - Bake Along 1st Anniversary Layer Cake - Black Sesame Seed Cake with Golden Syrup Cream.

I was browsing at the supermarket one of the day, and this cake recipe caught my attention. I have yet to own an Alan Ooi's recipe book, and I'm not too sure if his recipe will work fine for me... So I snapped shot a picture of the recipe.... hehehe... typical aunty's doings... :-p
I am supposed to use a square pan of 13"x13"x1", but I do not have such a big one. As my oven is rather small, my bigger pan was 10"x10". Well, yesterday I went shopping, and I was looking at the bigger oven, so I told hubby that perhps I should change to a bigger oven??? He was like, "What???" OKOK, back to the point... Instead, I used a rectangular pan, and thought I could just sliced the cake into 3 layers when it was baked... Hmmm, don't attempt it, use the square pan as stated:-D
As you can see, the bottom layer of my cake as shown in the above picture, (which was actually the top part of the cake), was well baked. But the top layer of my cake wasn't, and it became dense as it wasn't baked properly... So the square pan will allow the cake to bake evenly, and to have a soft texture of the cake. Also because the texture of the batter was rather thick. Lesson learnt:-p
Piping of the cream decoration was absolutely in a mess and an anyhow design, as I have yet to master my skills to pipe beautifully... hahaha...
Cake taste...??? Hmmm, I did not really fancy the golden syrup cream, taste abit weird... Perhaps it was just me. We had all felt that the cake was abit hard, the cream abit too sweet.... Maybe I should try baking the cake once again, this time using the square pan, then at least my cake will come out softer, and more yummy... hehehehe...

Hope you will have fun trying out this cake too:)

Recipe adapted from Alan Ooi
(Ingredients & Method as adapted from his recipe)

5 eggs
165g sugar
160g super fine flour
80g black sesame seed powder
40ml fresh milk
1 tsp ovalette (i replaced w 1 tsp condensed milk)

200g soft butter

1. Preheat oven to 170C. Line a bottom of a 13"x13"x1" baking pan, set aside.
2. Whish A at a high speed for about 5 mins till light & fluffy, set aside.
3. Add in B, whipped until thick & creamy, gradually fold in batter.
4. Ppur batter evenly into the prepared pan and baked for about 10-15 mins.

Icing cream
100g shortening
120g butter
150g golden syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
coloring as desired

1. Cream butter until soften, fold in shortening and whip till fluffy. Add in vanilla essence and golden syrup, mix well until well belended. Scoop out a small portion and add yr desired coloring, stir well and set aside.

Assembly of cake:
Cut the cake into 3 layers, spread icing cream over the 1st layer, follwed by 2nd layer, and continued for the 3rd layer. Cover the whole cake with icing cream.

Decorate as desired:)

Have fun!!!

Happy 1st Annivesary to Bake-Along once again:)

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