Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pear Pinwheel & Hazelnut Cake

I was browsing Joyce's blog, Kitchen Flavours that day, and I came across this little badge on her blog.

THB - The Home Bakers , a bakers group created by Joyce. And we will be baking all the recipes from a chosen book on every 3 weeks. For this time, they had chosen "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas.
Each member from the group will be selecting one recipe from the book and only the host for the selected recipe will be allowed to post the recipe, while the rest will try to bake it and link on the host's page. Giving tips and advices on the bake, will allow everyone to learn something new. That's all:))
So here I am, joining them in this group, to try out all the recipes from this book. I ordered mine from Fishpond. So far I had baked 2 of the recipes, and I do quite like the cakes. Pretty unusual ones and yet delicious.
For this post, this is actually the 4th bake for this book, and I managed to bake in just in time before the deadline.. Hmmm, school holidays will be over by this weekend, and I think I am trying to bake as much as I can within this week. Schools start and I will have lesser time to bake as I need to supervise Nic's homework, and plus the girls need to go for the enrichment class. Good bye holidays and back to the hectic school life... :-p

Alright, back to the main point... The Pear Pinwheel Hazelnut Cake will be host be Zoe, Bake for Happy Kids. Do click on her link for the recipe.
I had used almond meal instead of hazelnut. As for the pears, I had bought them from the supermarket, and it was called "Blush" Pears?? Not too sure, but the pretty colors on the pears did caught my attention, so here they are with me, ready to be baked into this lovely cake.
Batter's all ready, with the sliced pears arranged as pinwheel. I had used a 20cm round pan, coated with butter. Well, in fact, this is my 2nd time coating my pan with butter. And then only I realised that, it was so much easier to do so, plus it is definitely cheaper than using the parchment paper. :-p
As my cinnamon powder had longer expired, I did not get any new ones. So what I have now is the ginger powder. So with a dash of the ginger powder + the confectionery sugar, I tossed them up with the pears before arranging the on the batter. Taste wise still ok... hehehehe....
I had made a half portion of the original recipe. Do refer to Zoe's blog for the exact recipe.
Overall about this cake : it was really tasty. A soft, moist, nutty texure.

It does reminds me of the Pear & Frangipane Pie I made last year, using the almost same ingredients, but the difference was that it was on a "pie" version. It tasted as good as this Pear Pinwheel & Hazelnut Cake too:))
Hope you do have fun trying out this recipe.:))

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