Thursday, June 28, 2012

Almond-Crusted Butter Cake

This is the 5th bake from the THB. And here we have the Almond-Crusted Butter Cake.

Emily, from the Emily's Cooking (Makan2) Foray will be the host for this bake. Do click on the link to find out the exact recipe.
I have tried and baked many butter cakes, and most of them are very oily and with lots of crumbs. But this butter cake... I just fell in love with it... Maybe I'm just a very "dry"person???? Hahahaha.... 

Even without the baking powder, the cake risen nicely and it's texture really did turned out so superb!!!

A very unimaginable result I'd get from this recipe...
Mmmmm..., We all loved it very much!!!

I had used half of the portion stated in the recipe as it yields a very huge loaf. So halving the portion, I had used a 5"x8"x4" cake pan as seen. Coating the bottom and sides of the pan with butter, followed by the almond flakes.

Here we have, the bottom of the cake, all coated with almond flakes...
And the sides of the cake. As I did love almond flakes very much, so I had also sprinkles the flakes onto of the cake. And being very generous with the almond flakes, I think it goes so well with the butter cake...;-p
A very well-baked butter cake I would say. Unlike the usual ones that I had baked before.

Cake texture was excellent, plus the fact that it was NOT oily, a slightly-dry cakey texture... I really love this cake very much and I foresee myself baking more in often:-D
I'm not sure about you, if you do like the slightly dry texture, unless the normal moist, oily butter cake that we always have..., but I would say this butter cake suits us very well:-p

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And of course, here is MiMi, can't wait to try the cake. Having a few bites, she left the cake on the floor. Both Nat & Mimi were more interested in the toasted, crispy almond flakes instead... hahahaha...
If you are a butter cake lover, do try this recipe. I am sure you will love it as much as we all do:))

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