Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Delights Dec 2011

Hello everyone, it has been quite a while since my last posting... I guess everyone of us is busy preparing for Christmas, and spending time with your family and your friends.

Here, MiMi Bakery House wishes everyone a Jolly Jolly Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

In this posting, you will find some of the bakes that I did over the past week. I haven't had much time to post up the recipes too... I will do so when I get a chance. :-p

Gingi Cookies

I actually wanted to bake these cookies for my colleagues as Christmas Gifts.... But I fell sick, so end up I only put some icing on some of the cookies for photography. And the rest of the cookies were left "naked"...

These cookies consists of dessicated coconut. My colleagues tried them and they say the cookies were very good.


This is a Raspberry Log Cake I made for my friend. I didn't know what I should give her for a Christmas Gift, so I thought, a self-made Log Cake will be perhaps a best gift for her.

Raspberry Log Cake

I had using my Berry Berry Roll to make this log cake, and my Korean Raspberry Syrup to make the cream & the roll as well:-)


My colleague had ordered a Chocolate LogCake, a Milk Roll & a Strawberry Roll for her Christmas Pot-Luck. But I was only able to make a Chocolate Log Cake & a Strawberry Roll for her. :-p

Triple Chocolate Log Cake

Creamy Strawberry Roll

I was glad that her friends enjoyed my cakes. They said they were very delicious. :-D


My girlfriend had invited me over to her house on Christmas Eve, so I made thise Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes. Mimi had been eyeing on these cupcakes since I made them in the afternoon.

She said:"Cake Cake, yum yum..."

Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes

The kids loved these cupcakes very much. Their usual chocolate cupcakes that I hae always made for them:-D


My boss had invited me over to her place on Christmas Day. She had always loved brownies, so I made these brownie cupcakes for her.

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Her nieces and herself love these cupcakes very much.

Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes 2

I made these cupcakes for my friend's god-daughter, her girlfriend and my friend.

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