Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's go to BKK (26-29 Sep 2012)

Hubby & myself went to Bangkok last year. But this year, the girls went along... They were all very excited, including my helper... Say Bye Bye to Singapore and let's go to BKK now!!!!
Welcome to BKK....I love BKK, of 1 reason is because they have a special clearance lane for travelers with young children, disabled, old folks. I'm impressed with this service they had...:)
This is Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the highest hotel building in BKK, about 81th storey tall. We had a room located at the 50th floor... Look at how spacious our room was with a huge bathroom as well. Of course, a nice nigth scenery... The lights in BKK...:-p 
 We started out our night at the night market below our hotel. Street food dinner followed by shopping and back to hotel to end our day....
BKK might not be a great place for young children but it definitely a shopping heaven for me and my helper, well, my girls too, we had all enjoyed our shopping adventure trip in BKK... hahaha!!!!
Shopping, here we come!!!!
 Day 2 in BKK, i had brought the girls to Siam Ocean World. It is a indoor aquarium located in Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. It is about 2 levels, with lots of interesting sea & land creatures. Some were an eye-opener for us.... We even had our 10mins fish spa, a boat ride + a 5D movie... Per Pax had cost me abt S$40 for adult.
 Swimming is a part of our itinerary in our holiday trips... The girls love the pool, the water. They really enjoyed it even though the water was icy-cold...!!!! Gosh, it had took me quite a while before imerging myself into the pool whereas the girls had just simply popped into the pool and started playing... -_-"
 These are some of the yummy street food not to be missed... This Banana Prata was awfully delicious!!!! Topped with condensed milk n chocolate syrup... yummy... They even had different flavors... which I had yet to try...
 These Thai desserts, made to be like "real fruits" which are made of green bean paste, the jellies, the mango with sticky rice, oh, and the homemade cream puffs...
 Time for massage!!!! Looks like Nic is enjoying very much, giggling while the lady massaged her... Mimi... just fiddling around...
 Time to go back to SG after our 4D3N trip in BKK.
Bye Bye BKK, we will be back soon... In Jan 2013???

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