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Hokkaido Cupcakes 北海道蛋糕

I had finally made my Hokkaido Cupcakes today... These Hokkaido Cupcakes had always been a to-bake list. And I saw this recipe from Baking Wonderland, one of this baker, Ann Chin, had this Hokkaido Cupcakes, and they were so pretty... So I decided I should try this recipe asap... And here we have, my freshly baked Hokkaido Cupcakes:-D
These Hokkaido Cupcakes were simply so delicious. Thumbs up!!!!
Cake texture was really excellent, soft and it melts-in-your-mouth texture.
As for the vanilla custard cream, it was really tasty too. I have used about 1.5 tsp of the vanilla essence and it gave the custard cream a very nice fragrant.
My girls, Nic wasn't keen, whereas Nat & Mimi tried the Hokkaido Cupcakes... So what were they reactions??? Nat liked the cupcake, but her favourite was the strawberry & especially the custard cream, and Mimi, she just ate the strawberry... -_-"
So here as originated from Ann Chin from Baking Wonderland:
(I have stated the English Version, not sure if they are correctly translated... hehehehe... pardon me...:-p)
北海道蛋糕食谱~Hokkaido Cupcakes Ingredients:
A = 牛奶(Milk) 135克,植物油(Canola Oil) 45克,幼糖(Sugar) 30克。
B = 低筋面粉(Cake) 135克。
C=蛋黄(Egg Yolk) 135克。
D= 蛋白(Egg White) 270克,幼糖(Sugar) 60克,塔塔粉(Cream of Tar Tar) 1/2tsp。

做法:[METHOD]1.将A煮至热(不需要滚),把低筋面粉加入拌匀,待凉后再加入蛋黄,要一边搅拌一边加入, 然后放一边待用。(Cook A in low fire(warm-do not need to be boiling stage), add in the B and mix well. After the batter has cooled, add in the egg yolks while whisking. Leave it aside for later use.)2. 把蛋白打至发泡加入半份白糖和塔塔粉,继续搅拌至蛋白呈现细腻才加入剩余白糖,
继续打至硬性发泡即可。(Beat egg white with cream of tar tar & sugar till stiff peak forms)
3. 把2/4蛋白加入蛋黄糊里搅拌均匀,再倒回剩余蛋白里,轻轻拌匀即可。(Add 2/4 of the meringue into the egg yolk batter, mix well. Pour mixed batter into the remaining meringue and mix until well combined)
4. 把面糊舀入纸杯里,7/8分满就好,然后以预先预热上下火180度的烤炉里,烤约15 分钟或至熟即可!(Pipe the batter into the cupcake cases till 7/8 full. Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for about 15 mins)
5. 待凉后才挤入香草奶油馅和装饰,然后冷藏才好吃的!(Once cooled, pipe in the vanilla custard cream into the Hokkaido Cupcakes and decorate as desired. Dust with icing sugar for the finishing touch. Chilled the Hokkaido Cupcakes as they are best eaten chilled:-D)
分量可做19个 (Recipe can yeilds about 18-19 cupcakes) 
自制卡仕达酱(香草奶油馅)(Vanilla Custard Cream)材料A:
蛋黄(Egg yolk) 45克
幼糖(Sugar) 40克
低筋面粉(Cake Flour)10克
玉蜀黍粉(Corn Flour) 10克
牛奶(Milk) 250克
幼糖(Sugar) 10克
香草精(Vanilla Essence) 适量(I use about 1.5 tsp)
牛油(Butter) 20克
Topping cream 100克
做法:[METHOD] 1. 将材料A打至浓稠(蛋黄颜色变白 ) (Beat egg yolks & sugar until white & creamy)
2. 加入材料B拌匀,备用。 (Add in B until well combined. Keep aside)
3. 将材料C煮滚,熄火,在把一半份量倒入2里,要一边搅拌一边倒入
然后把以上混合物筛过后倒入剩余的热牛奶里搅拌均匀 (Boil C. Pour half of the boiling milk mixture into the egg yolk batter. Mix well and pour it back into the balance milk and mix well.
4. 继续用小火把以上混合物煮至浓稠即可,熄火后趁热加入牛油拌匀。(Continue to boil the milk mixture over low fire, stir till you get a thick consistant texture. Turn off the fire and stir in the butter till melted.)
5. 用保鲜膜盖在蛋奶酱上面防止表层结皮。待凉备用。(Use a cling wrap to cover the custard cream to prevent surface from skinning. Keep aside)
6. 最后,把材料E搅拌至看见纹路(类似湿性发泡)后,把它加入蛋奶
酱里拌匀再冷藏,就变成美味的自制卡仕达酱。(Lastly, whipped the topping cream till peak forms. Mix it together with the custard cream. Keep chilled before piping it into the cupcakes)
 So try these Hokkaido Cupcakes now!!!!

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