Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How about making your own beancurd??

Recently there had been a overwhelming about this 老伴豆花. And I am a beancured lover too..:-p Wanted to ask my friend buy for me as there is a shop nearby her office. But happened that my hubby came back to fetch me for work... :(

Chilled Beancurd

So my friend told me, nevermind, try making one... I was like huh... how to? She gave me a self-made recipe for Munch Ministry, using gelatine, and the ingredients and method were very easy... So why not, let me try making them...

This is the soya bean milk soaked with gelatine.

Here, the chilled beancurd after refrigerated for at least 4 hours...

"How did it taste like??", my friend asked me...

"Like soya milk jelly, almond jelly like...?", I told her...

The picture from the Munch Ministry, the beancurd was really soft, like beancurd, unlike mine... probably too much gelatine? I will try to reduce the gelatine or perhaps can try using jelly powder instead... hahaha...

Here's the recipe for those of you whom are keen.

Recipe adapted from Munch Ministry

500ml soya bean milk (Yeos,Vitasoy,etc)

17g creamer powder

2.5 teaspoon gelatin

1.Soak gelatin in a small portion of soya bean milk for about 10 mins.

2.Heat up the remaining milk in a small pot.(Do not let it boil)

3.Add creamer.

4.Add gelatine (from step 1.)

5.Stir constantly to make sure all are dissolved.

6.Leave to cool in pot for about 10 mins.

7.Pour into desired containers.

8.Put into fridge after everything cools.

9.Ready to be served in abt 4 hours time.

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