Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Ultimate Soft Lavender Chiffon Cake

Anyone of you like lavender taste???

Unfortunately, I do not, and you must be wondering why did I bake this Lavender Chiffon Cake?

Lavender Chiffon Cake

I thought maybe, why not give it a try in baking a Lavender Chiffon Cake... Since I have a jar of Lavender sugar lying around in my shelf for quite sometime... When I was making the batter, i couldn't really smell the lavender, so I added another 25g of lavender sugar in the batter... Maybe that was a wrong decision, the cake smelt too much of LAVENDER....
The texture of this chiffon was extremely soft and fluffly. The cake fell when I was waiting for Mimi to fell asleep before I remove the cake out from the cake mould. The picture below was what happened. The chiffon cake fell out from the tin and you can see the cake marks on my kitchen top... hahahaha!!!!

I will try to post up the recipe soon. Meanwhile, should you need the recipe urgently, kindly drop me a note:)

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