Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prawns & Spare Ribs Noodle Soup

I had been putting this dish on my KIV list for quite a while. I had wanted to try it out but I was just palain lazy sometimes... Probably just need the mood on that particular day. I was talking to my house mate on Saturday, and I mentioned to him that I intend to make prawn noodles, so he had requested me to make for him on the following Saturday. Well, I thought, alright, I shall make on the following Saturday, so that everyone can try it...
My hubby loves prawns & spare ribs noodles very much. Yesterday he asked me , "Ain't you gonna cook prawn noodles today???" Hmmm, I guess hubby comes 1st, so there I was, making my 1st attempt in this dish.

What do you think of my noodles?

This is my soup base. I have slow-boiled it for a few hours. Using the dried cuttlefish, dried oysters, garlice cloves, red dates, wolfberries, spare ribs and prawn heads to cook the soup base... Very delicious...!!! Adding some bean sprouts & kang kong vegetables make it even more tempting. Of course, it will be even better if you have fried shallots:))

I am unable to give you the amount of ingredients used, as I had based on my own estimation... Unlike baking where there are specific weights for each item, but for my dishes, I usually cooked according to my own taste & liking. The ingredients for the soup base will be the ones that I had mentioned in my earlier lines.

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