Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blueberry Walnut Cupcakes (Strawberry Coffee Cake)

Hehehehe, I am back again... My boss is back in Korea for the next 2 weeks, so my timing is more flexible now till Sep...:-D I think I had missed quite abit in the Bake-Along since then... And I hope I am not too late in baking this Strawberry Coffee Cake in The Home Bakers.
This time I had chosen to use blueberries instead, reason being, the strawberris ain't in season plus they are more expensive than the usual days. And almost I have 3 strawberries monsters at home, so keeping my 2 punnets of strawberries for them seem to be a wiser choice for this time. It's kinda weird too, blueberries seem to be expensive too, cos usually it will be like 2 punnets for about $4.00..? When you want the berries, you can't find them... Murphy's Law... hahahaha....
Besides replacing the strawberries, I had used walnuts instead of chopped almonds. I had used the full portion of the recipe as stated, made about 9 regular size cupcakes & a 7"x3" rectangular pan.
These cakes are indeed yummy, it's fluffy & soft. With the juicy blueberries and the toasted walnuts sprinkled with brown sugar, it really compliments very well.
Kids & Hubby didn't get to touch the cakes at all as that day I had overly stocked with alot of bread and cakes I bought from the stores. So anyhow, I had brought the girls to watch a movie, "Brave". It was a very touching story, we all loved it very much. It is a great movie to watch together with your family:)
Do click here to view the whole recipe from Alice from I Love.I Cook.I Bake.

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